Sirius Fun Dog Training

Puppy Classes

The very best time to begin building a life-long, positive, rewarding relationship with our dogs is during puppyhood!  We can take advantage of their energy and enthusiasm for learning here in class, giving you all that you need to know to be the best dog companion for a lifetime.

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Obedience and Canine Good Citizen

All dogs benefit from learning to rest calmly next to us on a dog mat, while we relax in a chair.  Dogs can and do learn how to walk nicely on a leash, right next to us!  Beyond these obedience must-haves, we help you and your dog with tools like "Zen," where you quickly and effectively bring your dog into focus and calm, every single time.

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Rally, Nose work, Conformation and more!

Preparing for a dog show and need some help getting your dog ready for the ring? We are here to help as Plymouth's Premier Conformation Trainer.  Additionally, we have groups training for levels of Rally and competitive Obedience.  Especially popular, are our Nose Work classes, where your dog gets to hone her natural instincts into a structured brain workout, learning to find hidden items.  All of these classes are highly stimulating, rewarding, and fun for you and your dogs.  Our focus is always on safety, positive reinforcement, and fun for all involved.

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The path to a calm, confident, wonderful dog.

We are your team to help you learn about how your dog thinks, learns, and responds to you.  We provide individual and group classes in our Plymouth location, but also travel to a family's home so we may help directly in the environment where issues may be occurring.

Our methods use positive reinforcement, shaping the wonderful progress of learning through praise and healthy treats.  We can help you to appreciate the full potential of your dog.  Time and time again, we see people amazed by the ways their dogs can learn.



We can help...

Call us  at 508-360-0133 to find out which class might be right for you and your dog.  Or, fill out the form on the Contact Us page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.  Meanwhile, poke around our site in progress...