I opened in June of 2007 after 18 years of training on Cape Cod.  I wanted to provide a place where people could go with their dogs where training was effective because the methods used were proven through science, rather than myth or legend. 

~~  A place that is stress free. ~~ 

I believe that not only do dogs enjoy learning, they are also MASTERS at learning. At Sirius Fun the classes are full of smiling faces, bright eyes, wagging tails and lots of laughter.  No stress, no punishment, no cross voices. Training is about understanding the way their doggy brains tick: that which makes them try again to understand our strange language, that which keeps them in the game trying to please us. 

~~ Dogs are such fast learners when we humans get it right! ~~

I believe a dog should be mentally alert, but not anxious.  He should be happy in his environment and enjoy relationships with everyone in the family. He should take time to play, just because the moment arises,

~ enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your company and offer limitless affection. ~

We are centrally located on the South Shore in Plymouth, Ma. Approximately 20 minutes north of Cape Cod and 30 minutes south of Boston.  

At Sirius Fun, our crew has tons of patience, and years of experience. It is our pleasure to share what we have learned with you and ensure the class progresses at a comfortable speed for both you and your dog.  

We are fellow dog lovers who consider training dogs our passion. Whether your interest is Conformation, Puppy Kindergarten, Day Training, Rally Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, or just having fun with your dog.

~~  we welcome the opportunity to encourage your desire to learn. ~~

Barbara Ferguson 


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Helping dog owners train their dogs to be calm, reliable, happy members of the family